The Teaching and Learning Center Logo

Richland’s Online Learning has always been so much more than its name indicated so we felt we were more than ready for a change. The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC for short) accurately reflects the work we do in providing support and professional development for faculty regardless of the teaching modality.

Teaching and Learning Center staff include:

  • Kona Jones – Director
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Jackson – Online Support Specialist
  • Jarry Brown – Instructional Technology Specialist

We are looking forward to working with our faculty, students and staff to deliver the same dynamics and high-quality assistance from our office, and recently we have increased our staff to include Jarry, who will be assisting us in providing additional instructional assistance to faculty.

If you need assistance from the Teaching and Learning Center please contact us at (217) 875-7211, ext. 6376 or