Change Your Career. Change Your Life.

Richland Community College Foundation  awards over $850,000 scholarships annually to nearly 1,000 full- and part-time Richland students.  Foundation scholarships are made possible by the generosity of our donors and alumni who are inspired by you and your commitment to achieving a quality education at Richland Community College. Watch the video below to see the impact that scholarships have had on our recent Richland graduates.

Scholarships are the first step in changing your life. Let’s get started!

Apply for Scholarships


Apply for Scholarships

Everyone should apply for scholarships: 

  • Regardless of GPA
  • Full-time or part-times status
  • Entering freshman or returning student
  • Pursuing degree seeking or job skills training

Many scholarships are available: 

To apply for a scholarship, students must have completed the following:

  • New students – Filled out the online Admission Information Form no less than 2 weeks prior to applying for a scholarship. This allows time for a Student ID Number to be mailed to the student.  Or, after completing the Admission Information Form, the student may come to campus with a picture ID to receive the Student ID Number.
  • New Students – Had an official transcript sent to the college – High School Seniors will need an official 7th semester partial transcript (which includes the cumulative GPA and testing scores) submitted to the College’s Records Department . A final transcript should be sent to Records after graduation.
  • All Students – Completed the FAFSA and  enrolled in  classes for Fall 2021
  • NOTE: Do not apply for a scholarship the same day the Admissions Information Form has been completed. Wait at least 24 hours to allow the system to update the information.


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