We’re here for you. Our job is to make sure your college experience is everything it should be — exciting, stimulating, and successful.

We’re here for the community. Richland Community College’s mission is to make quality education affordable and accessible to everyone in the Richland district. That’s why Richland offers a variety of educational programs at low costs to students.

We guarantee an equal education opportunity without regard to gender, marital status, color, race, religion, national origin, or disability.

To keep working for you, we need to know what you want. While at Richland, you may be asked for your input and opinions on such things as your favorite television or radio stations, how to make the schedules more user friendly, and other College issues. Through course evaluations, student forums, student government, and student/faculty conferences, we keep the lines of communication open!

College Vision

To be the best and first choice for education.

College Mission

To empower individuals through learning and to forge partnerships that grow communities.

Core Values

Richland Community College engages in a process of self and community reflection that would lead us to recognize and heighten awareness of the core values we and our institution have already practiced and articulated, to seek agreement about those values, and to develop an institutional culture that holds itself accountable to those values. What we practice at Richland:

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the communities we serve.

We recognize the expertise of all members of the College community and encourage individual contribution.

We strive to develop and pursue higher standards.

We are accountable to the communities we serve and are truthful, sincere, transparent and responsible for our actions.

We foster an environment where diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are incorporated across all levels of the organization and recognize the importance of eliminating barriers for students, employees, and community members.