Thank you for choosing Richland!

Richland has highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff. We also offer small class sizes, affordable tuition, foundation scholarships and an extensive range of services to support our students in their journey towards success. Whether you are interested in earning college credit while still in high school, taking classes to transfer to a four-year institution, or learning new skills that prepare you for a career or enhance your current one, you have come to the right place. Here is your checklist to successfully becoming a Richland Student:

Applying to Richland is Easy

Step 1 – Apply for Admission: complete the Admission Information Form.

Once you have completed the Admission Information Form, please submit your final high school/GED transcript and all official college transcripts (if applicable).

Step 2 – Verify Your Residency:

To avoid out-of-district fees, you must reside within the Richland Community College district for at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester. Students who are taking completely online courses are not charged OOD or OOS fees. Please provide an acceptable form of identification in your name verifying the residence you listed on your application; accepted forms of verification are listed below:

  • Driver’s license or State ID card
  • Mail from state/federal government, including your name and in-district address
  • Power or utility bill (Telephone/Cellular phone bills are not accepted)
  • Rental/Mortgage documentation

Step 3 – Complete Your FAFSA: at
School code is 010879.

The FAFSA generally takes 3-5 business days to process and be received by Richland Community College. Once your FAFSA has been received, you will receive an email at the email address listed on your FAFSA with information about the next step in the financial aid process.

Step 4 – Practice for the Placement Exam:

Students can access the Accuplacer Practice App at This app is free and can be accessed using a computer, cell phone, or tablet. In addition, students can utilize the Accuplacer online course for test preparation; request access from your Success Coach. Both of these products will assist you with the type of information and formats that you will find on the actual Accuplacer test. Students who use these practice sites have a better understanding of the actual exam.

ACT, SAT, and high school grade point average are also utilized for course placement. Review our course placement options to determine your eligibility.

Learn More About Course Placement Options


Step 5 – Take the Placement Exam:

The Accuplacer Next Generation is the placement test that Richland Community College utilizes. Placement Exam scores are used to determine what courses you are eligible to enroll in. If you have taken the SAT or ACT, or meet certain high school GPA requirements, you may be eligible to forgo placement testing. Consult your Success Coach to determine eligibility. To sit for the placement exam, you must bring a valid photo ID. In addition, you may not bring electronic devices, pencils or pens, hoodies, hats, food, drinks, coats, or jackets into the testing room.

If a student requires placement test accommodations, please follow the steps to apply at or contact the Accommodations Specialist at

Step 6 – Make an Appointment with Your Success Coach:

Your Success Coach will be in your corner throughout your time at Richland. They will help you understand how to navigate Richland processes and degree requirements. You can make an appointment by calling (217) 875-7211, Ext. 6267, or by accessing your MyRichland student account.

While the campus is closed, your Success Coach can meet with you virtually:

For registration and advising, please schedule a virtual appointment with your Success Coach. If you do not know who your Success Coach is, you may email or call (217) 875-7211 Ext. 6267. If any of the available appointment times do not work for you, please email your Success Coach for an alternative. You can find contact information for Success Coaches by visiting

If you have general questions about registration, you can contact the Solutions Center by calling (217) 875-7211 Ext. 6267

If a student requires placement test accommodations, please follow the steps to apply at or contact the Accommodations Specialist at

Step 7 – Register for Classes:

After Richland has received transcripts and you’ve completed placement testing (if applicable), you are ready to sign up for classes! Your Success Coach will help you navigate the registration process and gain an understanding of courses you need to complete to accomplish your goal.

If a student requires academic and course testing accommodations, please follow the steps to apply at or contact the Accommodations Specialist at

Step 8 – Apply for Richland Foundation Scholarships at

Once you have completed their FAFSA and enrolled in classes, they can apply for Richland Foundation Scholarships. Students can find the online application on the myRichland main page under the heading: It Pays To Apply/Click here to Apply.

Step 9 – Establish Payment Arrangements:

Richland offers an online payment plan of scheduled monthly payments. To learn more about payment plans options, visit

Step 10 – Get Your Richland ID:

You can have a ID photo taken at the Solution Center in the Student Success Center after you have registered for classes. Students must present a valid form of photo identification before a Richland Student ID card can be issued.

Step 11 – Purchase Your Textbooks:

The Bookstore at Richland Community College will help you get prepared for your classes with the proper textbooks and course materials. The Bookstore has options to rent and buy new and used books. You can visit the Bookstore website at to find textbooks for your courses, or you can visit the Bookstore on campus.

Step 12 – Complete Your Canvas Orientation:

You are required to complete a one-time online orientation to Canvas, the Learning Management System. This self-paced orientation is available in Canvas within 24 hours of a student registering for courses and should be completed prior to the start of classes. Students can access their Canvas courses on the first day of class only if the orientation has been completed and passed. For more information on the Canvas Student Orientation, go to

Step 13 – Attend the New Student Orientation:

You are signed up for the New Student Orientation Class (PASS 200) when you register for classes. Check your course and fee statement to find the date and time listed for your class.  If you were not registered for the New Student Orientation (PASS 200), stop by the Solution Center in the Student Success Center to add it to your schedule. During New Student Orientation you will learn more about Richland and the helpful student resources you can take advantage of while you are student here.

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