This page lists general information about common emergencies.  For more detailed information, please see request a copy of our Campus Emergency Plan.


  • Emergency service personnel are to be summoned when any individual is unable to care for him/herself. College personnel should not administer any medical services unless required for life support.

Severe Weather Response

  • When a tornado warning is issued, proceed to any first floor location away from doors, windows and high ceiling areas.
  • Emergency hall lights will come on in 10 seconds if power fails.

When Fire, Police or Ambulance are Needed

  • Call the College Switchboard by Dialing “0”. If “no answer,” dial “555” for Security.
  • Tell them the location and the nature of the emergency. Tell them to dial “911” and report the emergency and its location.
  • If no other local help available, dial 911 directly. All College phones will access the Macon County 911 Emergency Center by dialing 911 or 9+911.

Fire Alarm Response

  • When the fire alarm sounds, you must exit the building by the nearest available door. The elevator is deactivated by the fire alarm and cannot be used. Disabled students on the second floor are to make their way to the stair towers and wait in those “safe zones” for assistance. An emergency call box is located at the top landing of each stairwell.
  • Instructors are responsible for the evacuation of their students and for closing any doors when exiting. Instructors are to notify emergency personnel of any handicapped individuals that are in stair towers.
  • All students and College personnel should move away from all entrances and driveways to allow access by the Fire Department.

Power Failure

  • Remain in place until emergency hall lights come on (about 10 seconds). Proceed to lighted areas and wait for power to be restored.


  • Exit building by nearest door and do not return unless directed to by emergency personnel.


  • Remain calm, wait for instructions, and cooperate with emergency personnel.