The Medical Assisting program provides students with educational experiences to achieve entry-level knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to perform administrative and clinical duties of medical assistants in ambulatory care facilities such as physicians’ offices, clinics, and outpatient care centers.

The program is three semesters in length. It begins in the fall semester of each year and students complete the program at the end of summer semester. The program prepares students to take a national medical assistant certification exam.

Medical Assisting is a selective admissions program and minimum criteria must be met in order to apply. Admission to the program is by application. Admission to Richland Community College does not guarantee acceptance to the program. Out-of-district students who are not part of a cooperative agreement are considered when program space is available.

Career and Technical Education Options

This is a career and technical education program. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, a certificate is awarded by Richland Community College. Some courses may not transfer to four-year institutions.

  • Medical Assisting Certificate – Three semester program designed to prepare students to perform administrative and clinical duties in ambulatory care facilities such as physicians’ offices and clinics. Graduates of the program are eligible to take a national certification exam.

Sample Job Titles

  • Medical Assistant
  • Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
  • Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)
  • Medical Office Assistant

Admission Information

Prerequisites to Apply:

  1. H.S. diploma or GED
    2. Eligibility for MATH 098
    3. Eligibility for ENGL 101
    4. Completion of HLTH 140 Medical Terminology with grade of C or above
    5. Successful completion of Basic Computer Skills Assessment (assessed after application)

Health and Safety Requirements

Affiliation agreements with our clinical partners require students submit documentation of health and safety requirements. Failure to comply for any reason may result in withdrawal of offer of admission or dismissal from the program.

All admitted students are required to undergo a fingerprint-based background check in the first semester. An initial drug screen is also part of conditional admission.

Under no circumstances are students to attend clinical without current immunizations, initial Mantoux TB and current CPR certification. The student must provide documentation to the Health Professions Division that immunization requirements are met.

Candidates must have the manual dexterity, strength, and mobility to accomplish tasks such as the following:

  • Perform venipuncture, electrocardiograms, suture removal, dressing changes, vital signs, and instrument handling
  • Operate computer software and other office machinery such as telephones and scanners
  • Assist patients which requires bending, reaching, kneeling, and twisting
  • Physically active for long periods

Graduation Requirements

  • Earn a grade of C or above in all program courses
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 program GPA
  • Pass all psychomotor and affective competencies in the core curriculum
  • Adhere to Medical Assisting Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice

Medical Assisting Certificate Projected Costs

The total estimated cost for the Medical Assisting Certificate is approximately $10,900.00. Please be aware that costs may change. Tuition estimates are for in-district students.

Medical Terminology (HLTH 140) 615.00
CPR Certification (HLTH 110) 145.00
Drug Screening 25.00
Health & Immunizations 903.98
Estimated Admission Costs 1,688.98
Tuition & Fees (MA 110, PHLEB 110, PHLEB 115, PHLEB 120, BIOL 200, HLTH 220) 2,700.00
Course Fees (for above courses) 304.00
Books (for above courses) 723.74
Estimated Semester Costs 3,727.74
Tuition & Fees (MA 120, MA 121, MA 122, ENGL 110, HLTH 197) 2,450.00
Course Fees (for above courses) 75.00
Books (for above courses) 1,377.00
Estimated Semester Costs 3,902.00
Tuition & Fees (MA 135) 1,086.00
Course Fees (for above courses) 179.00
Books (for above courses) 92.00
Estimated Semester Costs 1,357.00
Uniforms 201.25
Estimated Additional Costs 201.25
Total Estimated Program Costs 10,876.97

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