African-American Studies

Why major in African American Studies?

Generally speaking, George Santayana’s 1905 quote can best describe one reason to study African American history, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  African American Studies can aid students in developing a better understanding of contemporary issues.

African American Studies offers a broad selection of cultural, historical, political, psychological, and sociological factors that affect the lives of African American people.  It examines the experiences and contributions of African diaspora people in the United States and globally.

African American Studies incorporates an interdisciplinary curriculum and requires students to integrate knowledge related to history, sociology, literature, philosophy, anthropology, and government.  Throughout the student’s experience in the program, they will acquire the following skills: critical thinking, research, cultural and social relations, communication, and collaboration.  The knowledge and skills obtained in studying African American Studies can be applicable across several career and education opportunities.

Career fields where African American Studies are applicable include:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Politics
  • Business – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant
  • International Relations Consultant
  • Museum Curator
  • Historian
  • Journalism

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