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Healthcare is demanding and challenging, and has many satisfying professions which require clinical expertise, academic knowledge, critical thinking skills, physical stamina, and personal integrity.

Nurses are vital to healthcare. Individuals preparing to enter nursing must be caring, self-disciplined, and committed. Nurses are highly regarded in our society. A 2014 Gallup Poll rated nurses highest for honesty and ethical standards of various professions.

Career as a Nurse

Nursing positions are available throughout the United States as well as internationally. Nurses care for people in hospitals, schools, clinics, corporations, homes, wellness centers, or anywhere people need health care services. Areas of nursing practice include pediatric, geriatric, obstetrics, intensive care, emergency care, mental health, oncology, orthopedic, and medical-surgical.

Members of the nursing team include certified nurse assistants (CNA), licensed practical nurses (LPN), registered nurses (RN) and advanced practice nurses.

Nursing Educational Opportunities at Richland

All nursing team members listed above require education and certification/licensure to practice in Illinois. Graduates of the following programs are eligible to take certification/licensure exams: