Richland's 40th Anniversary

Career and Technical Education Options

Richland Community College strives to provide educational opportunities to enable individuals to become contributing members of the workforce.  The workplace has changed with new work hours and work patterns due to improved telecommnications and computer technologies.  Sixty-five percent of new jobs will require post-secondary education and training below the baccalaureat level, and 75% of the current workforce needs training. The information supply available doubles every five years.

The mission of the career and technical education programs at Richland is to provide students the opportunities to choose, prepare for, and advance in their careers and vocations. This mission is accomplished by integrating technical education and academic education to provide the skills andeducation needed for living in a global society, competing in the workforce, and being receptive to lifelong learning.

A number of Richland's career and technical education programs are articulated with four-year institutions to allow for the completion of a four-year degree in an additional two years if desired. To meet the broad range of student objectives, Richland Community College offers several options for career and technical education students:

Basic Certificate

A basic certificate is an award for satisfactory completion of a series of courses totaling 30 semester credit hours or less. Those programs that have only a basic certificate are designed to provide the necessary skills to obtain an entry-level position. For programs that have a basic certificate as part of a degree, the certificate is an award for satisfactorily completing a series of courses.

Advanced Certificate

An advanced certificate is awarded for satisfactory completion of a series of courses or curriculum totaling 50 semester credit hours or less. This certificate is designed to provide the technical skills that would prepare an individual for initial employment in the job setting or for those currently employed and in need of advanced study.