The Phlebotomy program prepares students for entry-level employment as phlebotomists. Phlebotomists assist the health care team in the accurate, safe, and reliable collection and transportation of various specimens for clinical laboratory analyses.

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Employment Outlook

Employment opportunities are available in hospital settings, ambulatory outpatient settings, various clinic settings, home health agencies, outreach lab services, free-standing surgical centers, and insurance companies.

Entry Requirements

High school diploma or its equivalent is required. Students must show eligibility for MATH 091 and ENGL 101.

All admitted students are required to undergo a fingerprint-based background check. Health and safety requirements include: drug screening, CPR, TB Testing and immunizations (measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR); varicella; hepatitis B; tetanus; seasonal influenza; etc.). Details on these provided students after program registration.

Due to clinical site availability, the Phlebotomy program is limited to 12 students.

Length of Study

The program consists of three courses and is completed in one semester. The program includes theory, lab, and clinical experiences in a variety of phlebotomy techniques including safe blood and laboratory specimen collection and handling.

After successful completion of the program, the student is eligible to take a national certification exam.

Phlebotomy Certificate Projected Costs

The total estimated cost for the Phlebotomy Certificate is approximately $2,750.00. Please be aware that costs may change. Tuition estimates are for in-district students.

CPR Certification (HLTH 110) 145.00
Drug Screening 25.00
Health & Immunizations 903.98
Estimated Admission Costs 1,073.98
Tuition & Fees (PHLEB 110, PHLEB 115, PHLEB 120) 1,086.00
Course Fees (for above courses) 269.00
Books (for above courses) 100.00
Estimated Semester Costs 1,455.00
Uniforms 182.50
Estimated Additional Costs 182.50
Total Estimated Program Costs 2,711.48

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