The primary function of a phlebotomist is blood collection; however, they may assist the health care team in the accurate, safe, and reliable collection and transportation of various specimens other that blood for clinical laboratory analyses. These specimens may include arterial blood, urine, tissues, sputum, etc.

Career and Technical Education Options

While Richland does not offer a certificate or degree in Phlebotomy, it does offer a one-semester course in Phlebotomy (HLTH 130).

Entry Requirements

High school diploma or its equivalent is required. Students must show eligibility for MATH 091 and ENGL 101 either through the college’s placement examinations, completed developmental coursework, or valid ACT scores.

Length of Study

This course is one semester in length and includes classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences. After successful completion of the course and meeting the required number of blood draws, a student is provided a Certificate of Completion from the instructor. Along with required work experience, the student may be eligible to apply for national certification at a later time.

Employment Outlook

Employment opportunities are available in hospital settings, ambulatory outpatient settings, various types of clinics, home health agencies, outreach lab services, free-standing surgical centers, and insurance companies. Most employers seek a certified phlebotomist.


Registration for classes, including HLTH 130, takes place at scheduled times before the beginning of each semester. Class schedules, including a list of all courses offered and registration dates are available online before the start of the term. Students may register for HLTH 130 in the Student Success Center(N127).


Due to clinical and instructor availability, HLTH 130 is restricted to 12 students. Students who are not the first 12 students to register will be placed on a waitlist. In the event that a seat in the course becomes available, the Health Professions Office will call the first person on the waitlist. Students have 48 hours to respond to the offer until the week before classes when it decreases to 24 hours. Failure to respond within the given time frame will result in removal from the waitlist and the next person being contacted.

Placement on the waitlist is determined by the date and time the student attempted to register for the course. Placement on the waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in subsequent semesters nor does the waitlist rollover. Students must attempt to register for the course during the following registration period.

Projected Program Costs

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