If you enjoy science and math and want to pursue a science-related career, general science may be the right major for you. Because it is broader than most undergraduate degree programs, the general science curriculum enables students to develop skills that relate to a wider variety of topics, ideas, and experiences. The program is multi-disciplinary —it requires a basic mastery of several sciences beyond the introductory level—and quite flexible, so that general science majors can tailor their academic program to meet specific goals.

By becoming familiar with a broad range of disciplines, a wide range of possibilities are open to you beyond working in a lab or teaching. You can apply your knowledge of science to careers in writing, social science, law, and activism.

Baccalaureate/Transfer Option

  • Associate of Science with concentration in General Science
    • Suggested courses for the General Science Concentration: BIOL 101, 102, or CHEM 131, 132, or PHYS 101, 102; plus three or more science courses in addition to one of the one-year sequences listed above, selected from the fields of biology, chemistry, or physics

General Science Course Offerings

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