The Richland Community College Foundation recently recognized 106 students and 36 donors and representatives at its Scholarship Reception. The reception is held each year and allows students and donors to meet, share stories, and record memories together.

During the reception the Foundation announced that 817 scholarships have been awarded to 492 students, totaling $853,735 so far during the 2021-2022 academic year (summer semester awards still pending). The Foundation currently has 119 active scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are awarded for tuition, fees, books, and supplies and may be based on merit, financial need or program of study. Many of the students receive more than one scholarship and wrote thank you notes to the donors as part of their scholarship process.

One student wrote, “It is difficult to find words to express how much your donation has meant to me. I was unable to pursue my college education until later in my life. When I finally walked through the doors of RCC, I was determined that somehow I would find a way to get my degree. Then my husband lost his job, my financial status changed, and someone shared with me about the Foundation and I applied (for scholarships). Not only did I get financial help but I realized I had someone else in the world that cared.”

Tiffani Allen, T.S. and Juanita Ballance Foundation Scholarship recipient, wrote, “I want to thank you gratefully for giving me the scholarship. The financial burden it has lifted is tremendous. I currently work full-time and raise 3 kids. Because of your tremendous gift, I am able to set aside time with not only my kids, but I can also sit down and study. I want to be able to bring my skills to the nursing career. You are a tremendous blessing to not only me but many others.”

Britney Valentine-Ruiz, James Millikin Estate Tuition or Book Scholarship and Dr. Hal Gronlund Book Fund Scholarship recipient, wrote,” I wanted to express my gratitude for the scholarship. This scholarship helped me not only financially, but even personally. I had doubts on whether I was even meant to go to college. I didn’t feel that I was.  But when I received this scholarship, it made me feel like someone saw I was capable, that this was a sign I should. I wasn’t mentally prepared before, but receiving this scholarship made me realize I could push through. I cannot thank you enough for seeing something in me when I didn’t.”

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