The National Community College Hispanic Council (NCCHC) announces that Dr. Isaac Zuniga, Vice President of Student Success, is participating in the prestigious Dr. Ted Martinez Jr. NCCHC Leadership Development Program as a 2022 NCCHC Fellow.

Zuniga is one of twenty-four members of the 2022 Fellows Class selected from community college candidates from around the country. The prestigious program is hosted by the San Diego State University College of Education and is designed to develop a pool of highly qualified Latin(as)os whose career interest focuses on assuming increasingly responsible administrative positions, with the ultimate goal of becoming a community college president.  The NCCHC Leadership Fellows Program was selected as a finalist in the 2019 “Examples of Excelencia” national showcase.

“Preparing strong leaders for the future is the primary purpose of the National Community College Hispanic Council’s Leadership Fellows Program,” said NCCHC President, Robert Vela. “A demographic shift is occurring in the United States, and we are preparing new leaders who can model the way for the growing Hispanic population our community colleges serve. Through this program, Fellows gain the necessary knowledge and skills they need to lead higher education into the future and positively impact the economic and civic success of their respective communities.”

Dr. Cris Valdez, Richland President, says, “We are honored that Dr. Zuniga has the opportunity to participate in such important leadership programming. It bodes well for our institution and our community that he will return to our campus with new and important information and strategies to help our students succeed.”

Components of the Dr. Ted Martinez Jr NCCHC Leadership Fellows Program include two training seminars. The first takes place in June. Each Fellow prepares an individualized professional development plan and engages in a mentoring relationship with a Hispanic community college leader, as well as attending the NCCHC Leadership Symposium in the fall for the second seminar session, and carrying out online activities in between sessions.

NCCHC is an affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges, a national organization that has provided leadership to the community college movement for the past half-century. The Council, which was established 30 years ago, works to promote the educational interests and success of the Hispanic community and emphasizes access, equity and excellence for students and staff in community colleges. One of the first ventures was to offer a leadership development program, with support from the Ford Foundation. Of the original 72 Fellows, more than 15 became community college presidents.

During the past three years, more than 170 NCCHC Leadership Fellows have moved to positions of increased responsibility as executive level administrators, including chancellors, vice-chancellors, and presidents. Since the program’s inception, more than 300 community college administrators have participated as NCCHC Leadership Fellows.

Program Contact:
Ted Martinez, Jr., PhD
Executive Director
The Dr. Ted Martinez Jr NCCHC Leadership Fellows Program 562.665.8053