SHIELD Testing Program

SHIELD testing is surveillance testing and can be useful in finding asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic cases. Surveillance testing is completed once a week and life continues as usual while waiting for the results – once you test you will be allowed on campus, unless a  positive result is returned.

PLEASE NOTE: Our SHIELD testing program is currently in development and we will be posting changes and updates as soon as they become available. The SHIELD test is ONLY for the purpose of testing for the presence of the COVID-19 virus.

SHIELD Illinois COVID-19 Testing at Richland Community College

Richland Community College is using the SHIELD Illinois COVID-19 Test developed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The saliva-based COVID-19 test is a non-invasive test that simply requires an individual to deposit a saliva sample into a provided vial at the on-campus testing site in North Wing Corridor: N151. Parking is available in Parking Lots A and B. Samples are then transported to a network of lab partners who will process and return results to Richland and the individual who was tested, typically within 24 hours.

Testing Hours:

Monday: 2pm to 5:30pm
Tuesday: 9am to 1pm
Wednesday: 9am to 1pm


Read more information on the science behind the saliva-based test.

Who is Required to Test?

The following groups are required to participate in SHIELD testing:

  • Students and faculty who participate in face-to-face classes, labs or clinicals on campus
  • Employees who work on campus
  • Student staff that work on campus
  • Heartland Tech Academy employees
  • Not required to test (at least initially): visitors, fitness center, corporate training

You will need to make an appointment

Step by Step

  • Beginning Monday, April 12, sign up for an account on
    • Richland Community College Agency Code for Employees: rcc-j13to8uw
    • Richland Community College Agency Code for Students: rcc-oedg7var
      Richland students & employees: you must use your Richland email address when you register for your account. Heartland Technical Academy employees should use their HTA email address. 
    • Once you have an account, schedule your appointment at The appointment will take about 15 minutes.
    • When it is time for your appointment, come to the on-campus testing site in North Wing Corridor: N151. The staff at the testing site will confirm your appointment & step you through the process.
    • Please Note: There are some restrictions on eating, drinking, and smoking before your test. See the note below for additional information.
    • After you have submitted your sample, it will be sent to the SHIELD testing lab. You can keep track of the results by logging in to
  • If your test is negative (healthy), our systems will send a confirmation message (letting you know that we have cleared you to be on campus).
  • If you test positive, it is important to notify the college as soon as you receive the positive result. Complete the self-reporting form at and isolate until you receive further instruction from the Richland’s COVID-19 support team.
    • If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, please do so at
    • After your first test is complete, continue to schedule appointments every week at
    • If you get any errors messages associated with your SHIELD IL activation code or have trouble logging in to your account, please call the SHIELD IL helpline at 217-265-6059.
  • If you don’t have the ability to schedule an appointment online, you can come to the testing site and we will assist you.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: What you should do before testing

Hydrate about 90 minutes before! Drink water up to one hour prior to testing. Dehydration makes it harder to produce saliva.

Then … don’t eat, drink or smoke for 60 minutes before you test! Also avoid tooth brushing, mouth washing, gum chewing and artificially-colored energy drinks for at least one hour before submitting your saliva sample at the test location.

Mask up and bring your photo ID. While you line up outside the testing location, you should wear a mask and practice social distancing. You’ll check in at the testing site check in table to verify your identify.



During the summer semester, the test is free for students, faculty and staff required to participate.

Testing Location and Parking

SHIELD testing will take place in the North Wing Corridor, N151 at the Richland Main Campus. Parking is available in Parking Lots A and B and signage will help direct you. Students are required to have an appointment prior to arrival. Instructions on how to schedule appointments have been emailed to those who are required to participate in testing.

If you don’t have the ability to schedule an appointment online, you can come to the testing site and we will assist you.

Testing Results

Test results will be typically be available within 24 hours of the test and communicated to Richland authorized staff and the individual who was tested. You will receive an email from SHIELD Illinois when your results have posted.


You can request an exemption from testing if you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days prior to your scheduled testing date or if you are a student that is 100% online with no face-to-face classes. Documentation will be required to process the requests, and the exemption can be revoked as a student’s course modality changes.

Your Privacy

We’re happy to advise that SHIELD Illinois technology enforces systematic security access controls which protects electronically collected participant information and results data from unauthorized access or harm.

In addition, mandatory privacy training, periodic security awareness, and procedural physical safeguards in place help to mitigate the risk of SHIELD Illinois authorized personnel from mishandling or abusing of samples for purposes other than reporting mandated data to the state health department. As such, unauthorized (3rd) parties aren’t allowed to use samples or access personal info of SHIELD Illinois participants.

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