Richland Community College will begin its summer enrollment registration cycle next week with no increase in tuition rates for the 2021-2022 academic. In-district students can expect to pay a total of $153 per credit hour, which is made up of $139 per credit hour with fees for academic/technology/campus enhancement/wellness of $12 and a registration fee of $2 per credit hour. Online tuition rates will not increase and will be $175 per credit hour, which includes fees.

In addition, Richland will continue to offer a discount for online tuition rates for classes this summer. As a result of this discount, a full-time student enrolled in 15 credits of online courses will receive a $375 credit.

Any student not enrolled in 15 hours who take online classes should expect to pay $164 per credit hour (which includes $175 tuition, $12 tech fee, $2 registration fee and a $25 per credit hour tuition credit). The $25 credit is a 14.3% credit off online tuition.