Richland Employee Campaign – FAQ’s

When is the Employee Giving Campaign?

Employees can give to the campaign between Thursday, October 26, and Friday, November 3. The Faculty and Staff Campaign is an annual giving campaign that provides an opportunity for Richland Community College employees to invest in the college and other community charities. The magical power of employee giving is that our support can inspire external foundations, corporations, and major donors to support Richland.

What does the Foundation do for the college?

The Foundation is the non-profit fundraising arm of the college.  It has 501(c)3 non-profit status which means all donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

We provide:

  • Academic and need-based scholarships to Richland Community College students.
  • Emergency assistance funds for students who are struggling to remain in school.
  • Grant funds to faculty and staff who have innovative projects that support the college mission.
  • Funds to support programs at Richland that enrich both the campus and the community.

Donations to the Foundation made the following impact in 2022-2023:

  • Awarded more than $1.23 M in scholarships to Richland Community College students.
  • Awarded Emergency Relief Grants to over 108 students through the Student Assistance Fund to students facing unexpected hardship.
  • Awarded 32 Laptops to students to remove technology barriers.
  • Provided nearly $120,000 to Project Read Plus last year.

Where can I donate?

  • To set up a payroll deduction: Complete the online payroll deduction form.
  • To pay by credit card to support Richland: Complete the online donation form.
  • To pay by credit card to support United Way: Complete the online donation form.
  • To pay by check: mail your donation to the Richland Foundation, 1 College Park, Decatur, Illinois 62521.  Please make your check payable to “Richland Foundation”.

When will payroll deductions start?

Payroll deductions will start on your first paycheck in January 2024. Once we receive your payroll deduction form, you will receive a confirmation stating the amount, frequency and designation. You will receive a receipt for your 2024 contributions in January 2025. Contact the Foundation or the Business Office to stop or change your payroll deduction.

Can I specify where my contribution should go?

Absolutely! Gifts can be designated to any one or more of the following:

  • Option 1: The Greatest Needs of the College
    Support the areas that need it most within the college, ensuring flexibility in addressing emerging
    challenges and opportunities.
  • Option 2: Student Assistance Fund
    Your gift to this fund provides essential support to students facing exceptional financial hardships.
    From laptops to transportation, rent, utility bills, and medical assistance – your contribution directly
    eases their burden.
  • Option 3: Investing in the Future Scholarship Fund
    This scholarship fund paves the way for Richland students facing unique circumstances that prevent
    them from receiving state and Federal aid or traditional scholarships. Your donation covers tuition,
    books, and fees, opening doors to higher education.
  • Option 4: Project Read Plus
    Empower adults in our community to improve their literacy and math skills through one-on-one
    tutoring. Help them achieve goals like earning a GED, enrolling in vocational programs, taking college
    classes, or securing employment. Your support fosters independence and transformation.
  • Option 5: The Pantry at Richland
    Combat food insecurity with your support to The Pantry providing essential support to those in need.
  • Option 6: Richland Program or Fund of your Choice
    Designate your gift to any fund, program, or department aligned with your passion and interests.
  • Option 7: The United Way
    Contribute to the United Way Impact Fund, which supports the health, education, and financial
    stability of every person in Macon County

Can I designate my gift to more than one area?

Yes! Be sure to specify how much of your gift you want to direct to each fund. Please note: Amount(s) per designation must add up to the total per pay period amount. The amounts you allocate to each designation should be in whole-dollar increments.

How much should I give?

You decide the size of your gift according to your own charitable interests, your willingness to give, and your financial capacity.

Can I make an anonymous gift?

Yes. Simply note your preference to remain anonymous on the donation form.

Are there any incentives for giving?

Yes! Although everyone gives for their own personal reasons, we want to encourage our employees to be excited to support this annual campaign. Incentives include:

  • Every employee who participates in the Campaign with a one-time gift or payroll deduction will be entered into a raffle for prizes.
  • Every employee who participates in the Campaign Activities (ex. Pizza Day, Carmel Apple Day, etc) will receive an additional entry into the drawing.
  • Any employee that increases their giving will receive an additional entry into the drawing.
  • Early Bird Drawing: Any employee who completes their payroll deduction form or gift by Noon on Monday, October, 30th, will be entered into a drawing to receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.
  • Every employee who completes the online form will be entered into a raffle for prizes to be drawn on Friday, November 3 at 1 p.m.! (submissions must be completed by Noon on Friday).
  • Prizes include Amazon Gift Cards!

My gift won’t make a difference…

Every dollar makes a difference and directly impacts our students.  Your contribution affirms your commitment to the mission of Richland Community College and sends a strong message of support to outside donors, alumni, and parents.

How do I benefit from giving?

Making a gift to the Employee Giving Campaign distinguishes you as a charitable and supportive member of the Richland family. All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible donation.

I gave last year…

We appreciate your past generosity and want to encourage you to give again this year. The Richland Employee Campaign is an annual initiative to ensure that funds are available on a recurring basis so that we can provide the same support to our students year after year.

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