Photo: 2010 Richland Board of Trustees

Transfer Students

We are glad you chose Richland Community College to continue your education. Whether you are just beginning your educational journey or nearing the completion of your educational goals, our faculty and staff can help you make the transition. Find out how to transfer credits to or from Richland Community College.

You will need to submit an Admission Information Form and a final high school transcript or GED Certificate.

If you have other college level course work that you would like applied to your transcript at Richland you must request a transcript from the college attended. All transcripts/GED scores should be sent directly from the college/university or issuing institution to the Admissions and Records Office at Richland. The student requesting the transfer of credit must pay any transcript fees.

Approved credit hours will be applied toward the total number of hours needed for the degree or certificate, provided the average grade for all work is "C" or better.

Transfer credit will not be included in computing the student's grade point average at Richland. Approved credit hours will be recorded on the student's academic record at the request of the student.

Resources for Students transferring to Richland