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Associate in Science (A.S.)

The Associate in Science (AS) degree is designed to provide two academic years of college study for transfer to a four-year university or upper-division college toward a Bachelor of Science degree. See the Student Transfer Handbook, available in the Student Success Center, for additional advice.

Baccalaureate Transfer Option

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Group Requirements

Area of concentration courses may be counted toward satisfaction of group requirements.

  1. Communications (9 hours)
  2. Fine Arts/Humanities (at least one course selected from each area) (9-10 hours)
  3. Social Science (selected from 2 or more disciplines) (9-10 hours)
  4. Life/Physical Science (at least one course selected from each area) (7-8 hours)
  5. Mathematics (7-8 hours)

Area of Concentration

  1. Two or more courses completing one or more sequences in a specified subject area such as accounting, geography, psychology, physical education, physics, or any other specific subject area except those listed in "b" and "c" below; OR
  2. Four or more courses, completing one or more sequences, in the specific subject areas of biology, chemistry, or mathematics; OR
  3. Four or more courses in a broad field, other than those listed in "b" above, such as business, general science, or social science for the student who does not desire to pursue a specific subject area.

General Education

A total of 41 to 45 hours of general education courses are required. Courses in the student's area of concentration do not count toward those requirements.

Total Credits Required

A total of 60 credit hours is required for the AS degree, with a minimum of 15 hours taken at Richland. Courses must be numbered 100 or above. Students transferring credit to Richland Community College should see regulations concerning transfer credit.

Cumulative Grade Point Average

2.00 ("C") or better for all work applicable toward the degree that was completed at Richland.