Student Veteran’s Resource Center LogoThe Richland Student Veterans Resource Center is a place where veterans and their families can study, relax, communicate and collaborate. The center includes comfortable seating, military photos and memorabilia, a coffee center and microwave and study areas with computers for veterans and their families to use.

“I think it’s important that, as veterans, we help each other out, and part of that is our education. If we can have a nice group of veterans that get together, a nice study group, we can help each other out. We have a better understanding of each other’s situations, especially in situations of (post-traumatic stress disorder) or even some minor injuries they may have suffered while they were in. It’s easier for us to work with each other than our fellow students who haven’t had those kinds of experiences.” — Joshua Thielen, Richland alum and senior vice commander of the 19th District of the American Legion

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