What is PTEC?

Richland Community College and ADM have partnered to offer a 22-week Process Operator Trainee Program to jump start careers in agricultural production. Students will learn how to become Process Operators through paid training and hands-on learning experiences.

Apply by texting ADMPTEC to 53827 or by clicking here.

How does the program work?

Employees will spend 3 days a week working for ADM and 2 days a week at Richland Community College gaining first-hand knowledge of understanding the instruments involved on the job and how to control them.

The program will provide entry-level production specialists with an opportunity to learn the common systems used in a processing facility both on ADM’s Decatur campus and in the classroom at Richland Community College. Trainees will learn Business Unit Operations, Safety, Quality, and Process Technologies for food manufacturing.


  • Starting Wage: $18 an hour
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescription Drug Insurance
  • Benefits Start on the First Day
  • Advancement Opportunities

Learn more details about this program here.