Richland's Wind Turbine

“Green.” “Sustainable.” “Carbon footprint.” For some people, these are popular buzzwords. For Richland Community College, they aren’t just words. Proof of this rests on the campus of the college, where a wind turbine reaches one hundred twenty-five feet in the air.

The Richland Community College wind turbine serves as Richland’s “innovation signature.” It is iconic for Richland’s campus and new programs, while serving as the gateway to the Richland Agribusiness Applied Technology Park.

The turbine, a Northwind 100, rests on a 10-foot round base of concrete poured 16 feet into the earth. The tower was installed in three sections, each weighing 13,000 pounds. Each blade weighs 850 pounds. The wind turbine will generate approximately 200,000 kwh per year.

General Configuration

  • Model Northwind® 100
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Blade length: 10 meters (32’ 10”)

Tower System

  • Hub Height: 36.7 meters (120’)

Unit Mass

  • Nacelle Mass: 5,800 kilograms (12,760 pounds)
  • Rotor Mass: 1,400 kilograms (3,000 pounds)
  • Tower Mass: 14,000 kilograms (30,800 pounds)