Testing Center Procedures for Instructors

In order to serve your students efficiently and professionally, the following procedures have been established:

  1. For each student needing to take a make-up test, complete a Testing Center Instructions form available in the Testing Center (S116) with all necessary information including course name and section number (i.e. Math 091, Section 2). Be as specific as possible so that the students and proctors will follow your rules. Proctors are not allowed to make exceptions on materials or time limits. The test you leave should also have your name and the course name and section.
  2. In order to take a test in the Testing Center, students must show photo identification, or be identified by their instructor or an RCC staff member. NO exceptions! The student must also know their RCC student ID# and the instructor's name. Proctors are not allowed to use social security numbers for identification. Guidelines are posted to remind students of all procedures.
  3. Instructors must submit a completed Testing Center Instructions form for each student taking blended, hybrid, virtual/or on-line courses.
  4. Once the test has been completed, the Testing Center Instructions form will be placed in the instructor's mailbox. Students are NOT allowed to leave with a test.
  5. If instructors need to leave a test when the Testing Center is not open, forms and envelopes are provided in the tray to the right of the door. Complete a Testing Center Instructions form, attach it to the test, place it in the envelope provided, and slide it under the door. It will be processed when the Testing Center opens.
  6. Because space is limited, the Testing Center cannot administer tests to entire classes at one time or proctor any test in place of regular classroom testing. Students also are not permitted to take collaborative tests requiring discussion. If you need to make arrangements for coverage, contact the administrative assistant for your academic area or the Student Learning Center (Ext. 419) and a substitute will be found.
  7. Students will not be allowed to begin an exam within 30 minutes of closing or if the student does not have the maximum time limit allowed on the exam.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call (217) 875-7211, ext. 238, or e-mail testingcenter@richland.edu.