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Placement Testing

Students are required to complete placement testing in English, mathematics, reading, health, and/or other areas in the Testing Center, Room S116, and/or the Clinton Higher Education Center and/or Fairview Park Plaza Center. Test results will be used to determine a student's eligibility for courses with prerequisites and/or placement in developmental courses (courses numbered 087 through 098).

  • Photo identification is required for all testing.
  • Test are administered on a computer or paper/pencil
  • The ACCUPLACER test is untimed, but other content specific tests are timed
  • Placement testing results are valid for two calendar years.
  • For a fee, retesting for some placement tests is possible if a student meets certain guidelines.
  • Once a student begins a sequence of courses based on the test results, the student may not retake the placement test in that area regardless of the amount of time that has elapsed since the course was started.


  • Each student will receive an English placement report based on his/her transcripts and/or ACT test scores. ACT and SAT scores are valid for three years.
  • The report advises in which English class the student should enroll. (ENGL 088, 090, 095, 097, ENGL 101, or OT 119)
  • Students may be required to take English and Reading Placement Tests to help determine their level of competence if placement cannot be determined as outlined above.
  • In some college level courses the English and Reading Placement Tests are also used to determine eligibility. See the course description to determine prerequisites for courses.

Students unsure about their placement into reading/writing courses should contact a counselor in the Student Success Center or the Dean of Communications.

Foreign Language

  • Students who have not studied a specific foreign language are to begin their college study with the course numbered 101.
  • All persons whose most recent prior study of the language was more than five years ago should also start their college study with the course numbered 101.
  • Students who have studied a specific foreign language in high school within the past five years are to begin their study at Richland with the course number determined by the earned quality points.
  • Quality points are computed on the basis of full years of high school study and are assigned on the basis of the grade earned for each semester divided by two. (A = 4.00, B+ = 3.50, B = 3.00, C+ = 2.50, C = 2.00, D+ = 1.50, D = 1.00, F = 0.)
  • Example: A student who studied a foreign language for one year and received an “A” for both semesters would have earned four quality points, (i.e., 4.00 + 4.00 = 8.00 divided by 2 = 4.00). Another student who completed one year with a “B” for one semester and an “A” for one semester would have earned three and one-half quality points (i.e., 4.00 + 3.00 = 7.00 divided by 2 = 3.50).
Example of quality points
Earned quality Points  Start with Course
0 to 4 101
5 to 11 102
12 to 14 201
15 or more 202

Any person who wishes to register for a specific foreign language with course placement different from that shown above should consult with the Dean of Communications, Education, Humanities, & Fine Arts (C162), Ext. 386, regarding appropriate placement.

Mathematics Placement

  • Some mathematics and science courses require prerequisites for enrollment. In some cases students will be required to take a placement test in arithmetic, elementary algebra, or college mathematics.
  • Students seeking clarification regarding their math placement should see a counselor in the Student Success Center or the Dean of Mathematics and Sciences in Room S119.