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Charge-Back Information

In-district students planning to attend another community college

A resident of Richland Community College District 537 may receive a Charge-Back to attend another Illinois community college if the student is accepted into a program not offered by Richland or if Richland Community College does not have a Cooperative Agreement with the college the student is choosing to attend.

Special Programs and Opportunities

Richland offers special academic programs and opportunities to help meet the ever changing needs of its students. Whether it be dual-credit for high school students, adult education programs, transfer opportunities, or alternative scheduling, Richland's got you covered.

College Divisions

Richland Community College is organized into several divisions that oversee specific academic areas to ensure the highest academic standards for our students.  The areas overseen by each division are listed below. Please visit division pages for more information about the specific programs and services offered.

Charge-Back Authorization

In-District Students Planning to Attend Another Community College

Residents of Richland Community College’s District who choose to pursue a program of study not offered by Richland but offered at another Illinois public community college may be eligible for a charge-back. If a charge-back is approved by the Richland Board of Trustees, the student will pay the other district’s in-district tuition only. Charge-backs will not be approved for individual courses.

Cooperative Education Programs with Other Community Colleges

Richland Community College has Cooperative Educational Program Agreements with other Illinois community colleges that allow Richland Community College District residents to enroll in Career & Technical Education certificates and degrees not available at Richland. Students are able to enroll in such a program at the cooperating college's in-district tuition rate.