Career Services

Student Employment

Several offices on the Richland Campus offer part-time employment opportunities for students. Some of the positions in which student workers are used include the computer labs, online learning help desk, tutoring, and clerical work. Student employment is a valuable experience to add to your resume along with the opportunity to earn a paycheck while earning your degree/certificate.

The Résumé - Your 30 Second Commercial

Your résumé is an opportunity to make an initial impression with potential employers. It must be short (one or two pages), free of all grammatical and spelling errors and look professionally produced. Above all, it must summarize your skills and abilities in a way that encourages the employer to interview you. The parts of a résumé include:

Career Resources for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

The following information is intended to assist students in elementary, middle, and high schools in planning for future careers.

Decision Making

Making a decision about what you are going to do after graduation from high school is often very challenging. There are many ways to assist you in gathering information to make a good decision.

Career Planning

A three credit hour career development class is offered each semester. During the semester students are guided through an intensive career assessment process and are encouraged to explore careers in depth. Job search skills are also taught.

Career Assessment

The following assessments are available in the Career Center located in Room C129. Call (217) 875-7211, ext. 305 to schedule a time to use any of the resources or assessments.