Emergency Procedures

Campus Emergency Plan Definitions

Command Post (CP): The command post is where the Incident Commander runs the overall operations during the duration of a critical event or emergency. CP is different from the EOC defined below. The location of the CP is determined by the police or fire officer in charge of the incident.

Campus Emergency Plan - Right to Know

It is the right of all Richland staff, faculty, students and parents to know that emergency plans exist to offer them protection in times of emergency. Emergencies are very fluid and can change from moment to moment. No plan can include actions for every scenario but general flexible plans are in place to give direction to leaders and to the campus population. The preservation of life is the top priority followed by the protection of property.

Emergency Notifications Services

  • Richland Community College has response plans in place to deal with a variety of situations including shootings, severe weather, hazardous material incidents and bomb threats.
  • Richland officials have communicated our plan with the Decatur Police and Fire Departments. Police and fire officials have toured the campus to aid in response protocols.
  • Richland has signed an Emergency Operations Plan with Macon County Emergency Management Agency.

Emergency Procedures

Procedures have been established for the following emergencies: