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Frequently Asked Questions for Students Transferring from Richland to Other Institutions

What degrees will transfer to other institutions?

The AA (Associate in Art), AS (Associate in Science), AFA (Associate in Fine Arts) and AES (Associate in Engineering Science) and the AAT (Associate of Arts in Teaching) are considered transfer degrees. These degrees are equatable to the freshman/sophomore year at a four-year university*. You would work towards one of these degrees if your goal is to obtain a four-year (Bachelor's) degree.

Transfer of College Credits (Transcript Evaluation)

Transfer of College Credits to Richland Community College

Students who wish to transfer credit earned at another accredited college or university must request a transcript from the college attended. The transcript should be sent directly from the college or university to:

Richland Community College
Admissions and Records Office
One College Park
Decatur, IL 62521

The student requesting a transfer of credit must pay any transcript fees.