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Copyright Frequently Asked Questions, Information, & Resources for Faculty

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about copyright use in the classroom, as well as some resources and information about copyright and fair use.

Using APA and MLA Citation Formats

American Psychological Association (APA) Format

This section serves as an introduction to the American Psychological Association, or APA citation format, by highlighting a few citation questions students frequently ask. The APA format differs from other documentation styles (such as the MLA style).

Interlibrary Loan

Resource sharing among libraries is accomplished by interlibrary loan. Compliance with statewide standard policies and procedures is essential to maintaining good relationships with lending libraries. The Kitty Lindsay Learning Resources Center recognizes the importance of following these policies.


Interlibrary loans (ILLs) are transactions in which library materials are made available from one library to another. An ILL may consist of the loan of a book, periodical article, or other item.

Borrowing Materials from the LRC

Register as a Borrower

Determine if you are eligible to borrow from the LRC

You are eligible to borrow if you are either a student at Richland Community College or a resident of the Richland Community College District. Please contact any LRC staff member if you have questions about your eligibility. (See specific information for Community Users below.)