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Demographics & Student Profile

There is no typical Richland Community College student. Our students are a diverse group, and they have chosen to attend Richland for any of these reasons.

Institutional Year Book

The Institutional Year Book has become an annual publication of Richland Community College's Student and Academic Services Office. The Year Book was developed to gather in one place the relevant data required for planning, self-study, decision-making, public relations and communications. Information most often requested has been included in this publication. Previous years' data has been revised to reflect changes.

Hours of Operation

Our standard hours of operation vary slightly from department to department. See the chart below for typical hours. * Visit the department web pages for more specific information about hours when classes are not in session or during the Summer Semester.  In the event of a college-wide closing due to weather or other unanticipated events, please refer to the Richland Community College home page or local TV and radio stations for details.

Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

Richland Community College has adopted policies that comply with FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), which sets out requirements designed to protect the privacy of students' records. For further information, please refer to Richland Community College’s catalog.

Emergency Procedures

This page lists general information about common emergencies.  For more detailed information, please see the Campus Emergency Plan.