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Student Awards & Recognition

The Office of Campus Life co-sponsors a number of honors and awards for club participants and student leadership at its Annual Student Awards and Recognition Reception. This event provides Richland Community College with the opportunity and privilege of recognizing those students who have provided service and leadership to the college and the community at large each academic year. This occasion also provides Richland with the opportunity to congratulate those students who have made significant achievements in education and to acknowledge other academic awards they have received.

Student Club & Organization Registration Process

Step 1:

You will need to obtain and complete a Student Club/Organization Registration application from Campus Life that must include the following information:

  • Name of Student Club or Organization
  • Description/Purpose of Organization
  • Name of Faculty Advisor
  • Roster of at least 10 currently registered student members

You can also begin your registration process with these online forms available in the Club Resources section.

Two Classifications for Student Groups and their benefits

Student Clubs

  • Sponsored by Richland Students. Require a ‘Constitution’ to be on file with Campus Life
  • Advisor Selected by the Students
  • Eligible for the ‘Student Development Grant’
  • Must adhere to all policies set forth by the Office of Campus Life and College regarding Student Clubs/Organizations

Student Organizations

  • Sponsored by a College Program.

Responsibilities of Student Clubs & Organizations

Student club & organizations are guided by two principals: Community and Self Government.  Success depends upon shared decisions and responsibility by all members of the club/organizations.  All club & organizations are responsible for: