Early Childhood Education Academy 2

Academic Advisement Services

Choosing an Academic Advisor

When seeking academic advisement, maintain consistency by seeking out the same advisor each semester.  Any of the following personnel can assist students in their academic advisement:


Make an appointment in Counseling and Advisement Services within the Student Success Center. Counselors are also available on a walk-in basis. Counselors have a wide range of information about four-year school requirements, course transferability, and other academic regulations.

Academic Advisement Services

The purpose of Academic Advising is to assist students in their academic endeavors. Assistance with program and course selection is provided by faculty, counselors, and academic advisors. Students can review program requirements, degree completion status, and transfer options by working with a counselor or academic advisor.

Academic Advisement Suggestions

Students are encouraged to do the following to help themselves in the process of receiving good academic advisement: