for Instructors is a referral and remediation program that allows instrutors to identify and advise students who may be having academic difficulities. Reasonable causes for poor academic performance include:

  • Personal Problems
  • Financial Aid Concerns
  • Work Related Issues
  • Health Problems
  • Transition Issues

Faculty, through regular contact with students, are the first to see the results of these problems which manifest themselves through low test and quiz scores, failure to turn in assignments, poor class attendance, poor class participation, poor reading or writing ability, or any other number of possibilities. The purpose of is to inform the student of serious academic problems early in the semester so that support systems can be sought out and implemented. This could include tutoring, study groups, PASSport workshops, a counseling appointment, a referral to Learning Accommodation Services for assessment, or a library tour, and development of individual success strategies with the Director of Student Success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students become aware that there is concern about their lack of success.
  • Students benefit from increased interaction with faculty and student success services.
  • Students learn what actions need to be taken to achieve academic success.
  • Students are provided a proactive opportunity to take action and utilize PASSport workshops, tutoring, the Student Learning Center, and other resources.

Referring Students to

It is the instructor’s choice whether or not to participate in is designed to provide extra support services to students identified by their instructor as needing additional help. is one way that instructors can demonstrate their involvement in improving student retention.

Instructors wishing to refer students to should fill out a referral form for each student being referred. The referral form is located on the Faculty tab of myRichland. Information should be filled outas completely as possbile. Please use the Recommendation and Comment section on the referral form to answer such questions such as:

  • Can the student make up any assignments?
  • Would it help the student to receive tutoring?
  • Is the student in a course that is too difficult or too easy?
  • What can the student do to improve their status in that course?

The student will always be encouraged to meet with their instructor. This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the instructor and to help the student resolve any concerns that have been identified.