Graduation 5

Taylor Vidmar

Creative writing has become Taylor's passion while at Richland

Taylor Vidmar was a typical high school student – she knew she wanted to go to college, but had no idea what she wanted to study. She wanted to explore and figure things out, but wasn’t ready to waste a lot of money doing it. Richland was the perfect choice for her when looking for a college, “I spent a lot of time thinking about college and Richland gave me an affordable option and a chance to figure out my career path.”
While taking different classes, Taylor soon found her love for creative writing and began enjoying the freedom that comes with writing about the things she feels passionate about. Armed with this newfound passion, she quickly took advantage of some amazing opportunities including writing for the Huffington Post Teen Blog and MTV Founders, connecting her personal experiences with what is going on in the news. “It has been an opportunity to get my thoughts out as a young person, being represented, and being part of something bigger.”
While gaining independence at Richland, Taylor found herself taking advantage of Richland’s smaller class sizes and participating in good classroom discussions with her instructors and classmates. She cites these reasons for choosing Richland as her college.
Most recently, Taylor has become part of a national initiative serving on the student advisory board for Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room campaign. She was invited to the White House to find out more about the program and to represent her peers. “It was one of the greatest days of my life. I was so happy and so proud to say that I made it there. Five years ago, I never would have thought I would have been given an opportunity like this.” Taylor brought that energy back with her to Richland, and helped organize the College Signing Day event on Richland’s campus. The event was designed to celebrate the area college-bound high school seniors.
What does the future hold for Taylor? She hopes to become a writer, enjoying the very thing she loves the most.

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