Graduation 5

Serena Black

Richland helps this international athlete compete in and out of the classroom

Serena Black describes herself as determined and a student that asks a lot of questions. She strives to be the best in and out of the classroom, so it isn’t a surprise that this international athlete is accomplishing her dreams in the classroom and at the billiards table.
As a first generation college student, Serena says her education is priority. “Choosing Richland has given me opportunities and scholarships that have allowed me flourish as an academic and athletic student,” she says. She has credited the staff and faculty in getting her “ahead of schedule” where she feels she will graduate on time with the knowledge she needs to transfer.
Outside of the classroom Serena competes as a junior 9-ball billiards player, most recently traveling to Shanghai, China, for the Juniors World 9-Ball Championship. “My main goal was to be on a world stage. I wanted to prove to myself that I could win a world championship match. I was excited when I won my first match.” After losing her next two matches, she realized that “failure is okay, but giving up is not an option,” so she left China having learned more about herself and the cultural diversity in the world. “Competing in the world championship was on my bucket list, but I know that education is my priority and billiards is my passion.”
Serena admits, “I was shy and timid when I first came to Richland and in a single semester the people I have met have opened so many doors for me. Those I have encountered as a student worker in the Foundation, as part of Trio, and while volunteering, have opened up opportunities for me I never thought possible.”
She plans to pursue her bachelors and master degrees in financial managerial accounting, eventually earning her CPA and CMA, and ultimately pursuing forensic accounting. She feels Richland has completely prepared her for what is ahead.

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