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Mallory Christensen

Mallory discovers her love for Spanish thanks to Richland Professor


Just over a year ago, Mallory Christensen, now in her second semester at Richland, would have thought you were crazy if you told her she would be majoring in Spanish when she went to college. Now, just a little over a year from graduating, Mallory feels like she has a new path in her education, thanks to the help and inspiration from her Spanish Professor, Sean Gallagher.

“I didn’t initially want to take Spanish, but after weighing whether to take American Sign Language or Spanish, I went with Spanish,” said Mallory. A self-proclaimed “talker” Mallory didn’t feel like she could thrive in a silent classroom, so she enrolled in Spanish 102 her first semester at Richland. It was this class where she met the professor that changed everything for her. “Professor Gallagher does a great job of preparing people and helping them transition no matter where they are at in life. As long as you are willing to work at it he will help. He is an inspirational guy, cool, supportive, and definitely a role model of mine,” she added.

Mallory started as a dual credit student while attending Argenta-Oreana High School, which really made her realize the value in attending a community college. “I am from a small town and this (Richland) was a great transition for me. I have great professors that know me and while here I’ve realized the opportunities are endless,” she said. “Going to a community college has this negative stigma and it really isn’t like that. If you are uncertain about something, Richland is the great way to start off. It’s a great decision financially. I won’t have as much debt as my friends and I feel like I will be much more prepared when I transfer to Illinois State University.”

Thanks to Professor Gallagher and her newfound passion for Spanish, Mallory now sees her future a little differently and, instead of majoring in education, she plans to major in Spanish, hoping to teach English as a second language. “The opportunities are really endless now that Richland has opened my mind,” she said.

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