Student in Library

Julia Taraszewski

Julia found the real deal at Richland Community College

Julia Taraszewski describes herself as a jack-of-all-trades, but master of only a few. Her professors, friends, and family would likely disagree that she is a “master of only a few” since she has already achieved a long list of accomplishments that include receiving an associates degree at just 19 years old, numerous awards from showing horses and other animals, and her carefully mapped out future leading towards a career as an equine dentist. 

Julia first began taking courses at Richland as a dual credit student. She was able to receive both high school and college credit for the courses she took, helping her to not only complete many of her general education requirements, but also save a lot of money on her education.

“It was a lot less expensive, which is a great stress relief,” explained Julia.

Homeschooled for her entire education, Julia felt that the smaller class sizes offered at Richland helped her to transition into college life. Now that she’s completed her degree, she feels that Richland prepared her for the next steps in her educational journey.

“Your classes aren’t huge so you get to know people; you get to know your teachers.” Julia added, “[Richland] is the real deal. You get everything that you need out of these two years.”

While at Richland, Julia immersed herself in all that college life had to offer. She participated in several student organizations, including the Student Government Association as well as serving as president of the H.O.P.E Club. She was a frequent participant in Richland art shows, where she showed and sold her crafts and handmade jewelry. Julia also worked as a biology lab assistant for several semesters.

In May 2017, Julia received her associate in arts from Richland. She will continue her undergraduate education at Millikin University.

“I’m exactly where I thought I would be two years ago. I knew I wanted to graduate from Richland and then transfer to a university to finish my bachelor’s before going to medical school. That’s exactly what’s happening – I’m on track. I’m really excited because I’m on the path that I wanted.”

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