Photo: 2010 Richland Board of Trustees

Doniquea Luter

Doniquea has realized her dreams for stardom while pursuing media at Richland

Dreams of becoming a star and the lure of big city lights has lead Doniquea to pursue her dream as a future radio or television personality. “I want my own radio show in New York some day. I love New York. Or I can see myself with my own TV show,” she admitted.

Doniquea came to Richland thinking she would become a dental hygienist, but getting involved in the Media Club and taking classes with communications professor, Dr. Jarmese Sherrod, made her realize her true dream. “I got involved in Media Day and met a lot of local media people. I realized they were doing what they loved and I wanted to do that too. My first media takeover was in radio. I love to talk so this was like a dream come true for me - to take over a radio show,” she said. She credits Dr. Sherrod for preparing her for her future by encouraging her to get involved in internships, volunteer activities, and just being her outgoing/dedicated self. “My resume already looks good because of all this,” she laughed.

After pursuing her dream, Doniquea imagines the day when she returns to Richland to give back during events like Media Day, where she plans to provide encouragement to students like her. “I choose Richland because the encouraging environment has really motivated me. I had someone to take me in - to mentor me. I can’t wait to give that back some day.”

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