Daniel Tomlinson

Daniel Tomlinson has begun his college education without the worry of student loan debt

Like many recent high school graduates, Daniel Tomlinson was unsure about his future career plans. He had not excelled in high school and without a clear direction, he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of spending a huge amount of money on his education; he decided to begin college at Richland. The son of an accountant, Daniel’s tendency to be cautious with spending money came naturally.

“I didn’t want to spend $40,000 a year to go to a private university. I felt a lot better taking out zero loans and getting some understanding of what I might actually like doing,” explained Daniel. “I can go here without graduating with an extra $80,000 worth of debt hanging over my head for the next 35 years.”

Outside of school, Daniel plays guitar in a local band and does freelance photography and graphic design. Along with these creative pursuits, Daniel is taking general education and business courses with plans to transfer to a four-year university and major in digital media marketing.  While at Richland, Daniel has found his courses to not only be challenging, but also more interesting than he ever expected. He attributes his success to the dedicated faculty and “world-class equipment” Richland offers.

Daniel is even looking forward to taking higher-level coursework at a university. “Coming here and taking hard classes, it really just showed me that I’m capable of working hard and pushing ahead. It’s rewarding, in the end, to see a solid a grade. I feel like now I’m prepared to transfer.”

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