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Chase Pruitt

Chase makes the most of his Richland experience

After a semester at Richland Community College, Chase Pruitt admits “a community college can end up being like any four-year university if you take the time and patience to make it that.” He didn’t always feel that way. Chase was not initially optimistic about the opportunities to have the same college experience at a community college that many of his friends from high school would have at their four-year universities. He did not think he would have the same educational and social opportunities, but with an open mind and willingness to get involved, Chase has made the most of his community college experience.

It is that open mind that lead him to an opportunity to visit Spain with other Richland students. “There were a lot of opportunities that I did not think existed here, like going to Spain…I was not expecting that.” Chase was excited that he was able to see, in person, the sites that he’d learned about in his classes. He also enjoyed immersing himself in the Spanish culture and felt like he would be able to use those experiences in his future career.

Now that he has returned from Spain, Chase has continued his involvement on campus. He recently began working at Richland’s Fitness Center and has been heavily involved in helping to start an intramural sports program for students, faculty, and staff. With the ultimate goal to transfer to Texas A & M University in College Station, TX, Chase is working to complete his general education requirements. “All of the classes I have been taking will transfer [to Texas A & M],” said Chase. “Alex [Berry] is making the process of transferring a breeze.”

As the big step of moving away and starting at a large university nears, Chase is confident, “I feel very prepared to go into Texas A & M. I’ve come a lot further than I thought I would coming out of high school.”

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