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Bobbie Cremer

2017 Commencement Speaker, Barbara Cremer, is Ready for the Next Step

Barbara Cremer, or Bobbie as she is known by her friends, feels Richland has prepared her both academically and personally. “I came into Richland a very different person than I am leaving Richland. Richland has made me a more responsible more understanding person. It has given me an idea of what life looks like outside of the bubble that I lived in during high school. I’ve loved every second of it.”

Bobbie was homeschooled from kindergarten to 12th grade and found herself in public education for the first time at Richland. Like many high school students, she came into college not sure about what was right for her or knowing what she really wanted to do.

She quickly found an atmosphere at Richland that was a true community. “They really have created a community for students. Everyone is there to help you with what you need to know. The community atmosphere I have experienced at Richland is something unique. I don’t think I will be able to find that anywhere but Richland.”

She is proud of her accomplishments outside of the classroom, as well – as a member of Student Government Association, Student Leaders in the Community (SLIC), and organizing many fundraising events to benefit the community. “These accomplishments are what I will look back on and remember most fondly,” she added.

Bobbie addressed her fellow graduates during Commencement on May 19, 2017, at the Decatur Civic Center. She will be pursuing a doctorate in Physical Therapy.


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