Culinary Arts Students

Emergency Notifications Services

  • Richland Community College has response plans in place to deal with a variety of situations including shootings, severe weather, hazardous material incidents and bomb threats.
  • Richland officials have communicated our plan with the Decatur Police and Fire Departments. Police and fire officials have toured the campus to aid in response protocols.
  • Richland has signed an Emergency Operations Plan with Macon County Emergency Management Agency. EMA can assist in notifying local media outlets in times of emergencies utilizing the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • Richland can make mass emergency notifications through the use of the campus-wide public address system; mass e-mails to staff, faculty and students; network alerts that take over all network computers; internal campus cable television and RCC radio station 1610AM. The size of the campus also allows for rapid word of mouth notification.
  • Richland will utilize “plain talk” when communicating via PA, 800MHz radio system in compliance with NIMS. APCO “Ten codes” will not be used in emergencies.
  • Richland subscribes to an emergency campus notification system that can notify current students, faculty, and staff of potential threats or emergency situations through voice messaging. Current students, faculty and staff are automatically added to the call list each semester with the phone number that is on file in the Office of Student Records.