Fall 2010 Production 2: Macbeth

Directed by Michelle Stephens.

Written around 1605, Macbeth is the tragic tale toat follows the struggle between virtue and power, honor and ambition. After receiving a prophesy from three witches that he was destined to become king, Macbeth must decide if he will wait and follow the natural order of the universe or turn the tale to his advantage and twist the hand of fate, regardless of the consequences.

Performance Information

Macbeth will be playing in Shilling Auditorium 14 and 31 at 3 p.m.


Duncan: Al Scheider
Malcolm: Jordan Rowe
Macbeth: Josh Sowa
Banquo: Tom Morrow
Macduff: Jerry Johnson
Lennox: Scott Mann
Ross: John Sexton
Angus: Rose Van Haintze
Fleance: Liam
Siward: TBD
Young Siward: TBD

Seyton: Jacob Sowa
Porter: Austin Hourigan
Lady Macbeth: Esther Davis
Lady Macduff: Beth Mitchell
Hecate: Erin Talley
First Witch/Murderer: Amanda Keck
Second Witch/Murderer: Rose Van Haintze
Third Witch/Murderer: Beth Mitchell
Sergeant: Austin Hourigan
Doctor: TBD
Gentlewoman: Donna Tilton