Study Media

What will I learn?

    • Proper techniques for single-camera, Electronic News Gathering (ENG) in the field
    • Editing techniques to raw material using a non-linear editing system
    • Conducting on-camera interviews in taped and live situations
    • Basic skills of being a television host, as well as a sports and weather anchor
    • Writing clearly, accurately, and fairly
    • Developing news judgment by recognizing essential news values
    • Principles and values of newsworthy photojournalism, including legal and ethical considerations


What courses are offered?

    • News Writing and Reporting
    • Introduction to Mass Media
    • Broadcasting
    • Broadcast Production 1
    • Broadcast Production 2
    • Broadcast Reading
    • Ethics in Mass Communication
    • Internship/Cooperative Education in Media


Baccalaureate/Transfer Option

  • Associate of Arts with concentration in Journalism
    • Suggested courses for the Journalism Concentration: MEDIA 101, 110, 130, 140, 220, 221
    • Additional suggested courses: MEDIA 199, 225, 280, 290

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