Engineering Technology

The Engineering Technology program is an integrated, cross-disciplinary degree program that prepares the student for a career as an engineering technician in a manufacturing or industrial environment. Due to the high level of integration in this program, the student may choose from several career paths (concentrations/specialties), including careers in BioFuels Technician, BioProcess Operator, CNC Technology, Electrical Systems, Facilities Maintenance, Fluid Power Systems, Instrumentation Systems, Machine Repair, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mechanical Systems, and Wind Energy Systems. While each concentration contains a unique set of courses overall, each contains the same general education and technical core courses.

The classrooms and laboratories are equipped with modern and commonly used industrial components, tools, machines, and systems. While attention is given to classroom theory, hands-on skills required for success in this rapidly growing field are especially emphasized. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be ready to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair modern industrial systems. Major employers are automated industrial plants, processing plants, contractors, field service centers, technical sales, and training centers.

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