Single Courses Exploring Health

HLTH 100 First Aid Training (two days)

  • Prepares students to make appropriate decisions regarding first-aid care. Students will recognize emergencies and how to respond in a way that best protects the victim until medical help arrives.

HLTH 110 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (one day)

  • Trains students for Basic Life Support health care provider CPR certification according to American Heart Association Guidelines

HLTH 140 Medical Terminology

  • Provides an understanding of vocabulary used in medicine, nursing, and all other allied health occupations. Students will learn structures, functions, and terms related to diagnosis, pathology, and treatments for each body system.

HLTH 197 Special Topics in Healthcare (various topics)

  • Students explore a topic of special interest in healthcare such as end of life care, cancer, neuro, and cardiac . The courses provide opportunities to explore a new area of interest. See the College Class Schedule for topics offered each semester.

HLTH 220 Nutrition and Diet Therapy

  • Designed for students in health care professions and food service programs. It includes fundamentals of nutrition, maintenance of health through good nutrition, diet therapy, and food preparation.