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Richland Professional Development Day

On Tuesday, February 22, 2011, Richland will hold a Professional Development Day for faculty and staff.

Campus safety and security continues to be an important priority for Richland Community College. Recent tragic events across the country and college campuses reinforce the need for campus safety awareness and preparedness. Such events have sparked requests from faculty and staff for further education and training. Based on this input and our commitment to providing useful resources to our faculty and staff, our Professional Development Day will focus on important areas of campus safety and security.

During the day, participants will attend various workshops to hear important information and learn new skills. Additional information and printable schedule and printable handout for the day can be found below and on under Employee Info > Human Resources > Handouts > Professional Development Day 2011. Please note that participants will rotate workshops by last name and pre-registration is not needed.

Lunch will be provided. Questions can be directed to Human Resources at ext. 218 or via e-mail to Cheers to Professional Development Day 2011!


Download the printable workshop schedule. PDF Document icon

Professional Development Day Schedule

Employees will be divided by last name into four groups for workshop rotation.

Last name beginning with A through Fi - Group A - Participant Pick during Session 3
Last name beginning with Fl through Ki - Group B - Participant Pick during Session 2
Last name beginning with Kl through R - Group C - Participant Pick during Session 1
Last name beginning with S through Z - Group D - Participant Pick during Session 4

Breakout Sessions

Critical Incident: An Active Use of Judgment - Salon II

Presenter: Ron Ellis, Consultant - Session 1: Group D, Session 2: Group C, Session 3: Group B, Session 4: Group A

A critical incident happens on campus. How do you react? What do you do? This is a participatory session in the form of a group “table top” exercise. Participants will be given a simulated emergency situation and will discuss the actions they would take in the particular emergency. Participants will be able to gauge their readiness for such a situation and test emergency operations plans in an informal, low-stress environment. Participants will learn from each other as they tackle communication, protocol and team work in an emotional environment.

Verbal De-escalation - Salon I

Presenter: Michael Robinson, Consultant  - Session 1: Group B, Session 2: Group A, Session 3: Group D, Session 4: Group C

This session will cover basic communication components, and add techniques to deflect and de-escalate aggressive verbal behavior in the classroom. Small group work will help participants recognize escalating behavior and give opportunity for practice to de-escalate potential violent situations.

Richland Threat Assessment Team Update - C141

Presenter: Marcus Brown and Team, Richland - Session 1: Group A, Session 2: Group B, Session 3: Group C, Session 4: Group D

The Richland Community College Threat Assessment Team was formed in 2009 to assist faculty and staff in identifying and reporting behavior that is, or has the potential to be , a violent and/or safety concern to faculty, staff and students. Join this session to learn about new reporting procedures and capabilities. Meet team members, and gain a sense of the types of issues that can and should be sent to this resource team.

Breakout Sessions - Participant Pick

During your "Participant Pick" session, choose to attend one of the presentations below.

Gang Awareness – SC01

Presenter: Detective Scott Rosenbery, Decatur Police Dept. - This session will discuss local gangs in the Decatur and Macon County area from a law enforcement perspective. Detective Rosenbery will discuss various gangs from a national level to local neighborhood squads that are present in this community and how the Decatur Police Department is addressing these issues.

Protecting Confidential and Sensitive Information – E177

Presenter: Robin Stimmel and Team, Richland - Many are charged with working with confidential information. Related responsibilities include taking measures to safeguard this information. In this session you will gain perspective on safeguarding confidential and sensitive information, and recognizing suspicious behavior, and what to do if you suspect information safeguards have been breached.

Records Confidential, myRichland & FERPA – E179

Presenter: Stephanie Zimmerman, Registrar - Richland The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal regulation regarding the access and release of student records. Learn what constitutes as a student educational record, what you can release, when you can release it, and what you have to do in order to stay compliant with “FERPA”. This session will show faculty and staff first-hand, the types of student records that can be accessed, completed/facilitated through myRichland.

Personal Defense and Self Awareness – SC23

Presenter(s): Mike Donaker and Ed Hurst, Decatur Police Department, Renshi Christie, Devore Academy - This course is based on the unarmed combative methods and techniques selected to provide a simple yet effective method of learning unarmed selfdefense. The goal of this course is to give you the ability to stun and disable an attacker of greater size and strength than yourself and escape to safety. Participants will actively learn incident avoidance, prevention, physical defense tactics and be better prepared to effectively handle a real confrontation.

Creating A Safe Work Environment – W126

Presenter: Sandra Rodlund, Global Chestnut Partners (EAP) - The threat of workplace violence is a problem that not only impacts our society but also our workplace. This workshop will address the different types of levels of violence, as well as the strategies for reducing the risk of violence including defusing potentially hostile situations.

Identity Theft – E184

Presenter: Michael Hodge, Global Chestnut Partners (EAP) - While identity theft continues to be the most commonly filed consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, the majority of perpetrators are known to their victims. This session will address some of the techniques used to steal your identity, and steps you can take to minimize your risk.

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