Graduation 2


Richland’s faculty is rapidly integrating core sustainability and green economy concepts into their courses. In November 2012, the Communications, Education, Humanities, and Fine Arts Division, in collaboration with Ben Newton, Sustainability Program Coordinator, showcased student projects at a Sustainability Fair. Ben Newton also integrates many sustainability concepts into his Physical Geography course, including climate change, species diversity loss, invasive species, renewable energy, deforestation, and groundwater mining.
Richland’s Student Farms trains farmers from seed to student farms market through sustainable farming practices.

At Richland Community College, students will:

  • Be introduced to core sustainability concepts
  • Learn about career pathways and the job skills necessary for pursuing a career in the green economy
  • Learn about the opportunities and challenges in the transitioning economy

As of Summer 2011, Richland Community College offered 114 courses which related to sustainability.

As of Summer 2011,Richland Community College has 28 departments which offer at least one sustainaiblity-related or sustainability-focused course.