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Institutional Effectiveness

Richland Community College’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Planning coordinates the functions of accreditation, assessment, grant initiatives, institutional research, and planning. Utilizing a data-informed decision-making process, institutional effectiveness at Richland is based on the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) Continuous Improvement Model. Reaccreditation, continuous improvement of programs and services, and progress in meeting the College’s mission and vision are results of the work of this office.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Planning has responsibilities for:

  • Assist the Richland Community College community in engaging in ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes
  • Facilitate a systematic review of programs and services that results in continuous improvement and demonstrates that Richland is effectively accomplishing its mission
  • Provide leadership for institutional research and assist in the collection and analyzation of data to support decision-making, strategic planning, and assessment
  • Provide leadership and direction for the college-wide strategic planning process
  • Coordinate knowledge and information sharing through committees, continuous improvement process teams, and publications/presentations
  • Provide leadership and direction for Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) and provide support for specialized accreditation reporting of divisions
  • Assist with state and federal reporting
  • Coordinate grant initiatives throughout the College and maintain an updated list of grants for internal and external stakeholders
  • Assist faculty and staff in identifying and assessing expected outcomes for educational programs, academic and student support services, administrative support services, and community public service.
  • Assist faculty and staff in identifying and providing evidence of improvement based on the expected outcomes for their course, program, or service

ACCREDITATION – Accreditation material, including information about The Higher Learning Commission/North Central Association, Systems Portfolio, and Continuous Improvement Process teams, are located here.

ASSESSMENT – This centralized repository includes information regarding student learning outcomes, assessment plans, activities and resources, and use of student learning evidence.

GRANT INITIATIVES – Materials regarding grant writing and other grant initiatives around the College are featured here.

INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH – College-wide survey results, IR data request form, Institutional Review Board (IRB) Form and other information related to institutional research are located here.

STRATEGIC PLANNING - Richland Community College’s Strategic Plan (past and current), including yearly priorities, are provided.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – A list of questions regarding Institutional Effectiveness are answered.

Data compilation and publication of various documents and reports including:

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Institutional Dashboard
  • Institutional Year Book
  • Richland Community College Fact Book
  • Institutional Effectiveness webpage
  • Program Review Reports
  • Annual progress reports on Strategic Plan Priorities
  • Annual Strategic Plan Priorities Results Report
  • Environmental Scan
  • Dissemination of results of selected college surveys

Contact Information

Teena Zindel-McWilliams
Director, Institutional and Academic Planning
217.875.7211, Ext. 6364 or