Richland Student Farms

Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training


This course provides training to those employees whose duties require them to operate powered industrial trucks. Employees are trained to operate the type of truck they will be assigned duties upon as well as to maneuver the types of loads they will encounter. Course completion requires the participants to receive a satisfactory evaluation of the driving and load maneuvering skills and pass a written exam.


  • Definitions
  • Truck Controls and Components
  • Pre-Operation Inspection
  • Refueling and Battery Charging
  • Load Handling Techniques: Lifting, Tilting, Attachments
  • Stability: Load Center, Load Capacity, Max. Lift Height, Truck Center of Gravity
  • Operating Guidelines: Mounting/Dismounting, Parking, Travel Speeds
  • Workplace Related Topics: Ramps, Docks, Surface Conditions, Overhead Hazards
  • Hazard Recognition & Avoidance