Richland Dance Program

Welcome to the Richland Dance Program!

We would like to introduce you to an exciting and unique dance experience. This is a program geared to the overall development of the student. It encourages proper technique and vocabulary of steps in the following dance disciplines: ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, Irish, and tumbling. We incorporate discipline, respect, and team spirit in an exciting fun atmosphere with qualified and experienced teachers.

Richland Community College Dance Program Mission Statement

The Richland Community College Dance Program is committed to providing the highest quality dance training in a professional but personal and friendly environment for children ages two to adult. Our non-competitive approach to dance education develops attributes such as discipline, self-confidence, improved learning skills, self-esteem, creativity, self-expression, imagination as well as an increased appreciation for dance and other art forms. We emphasize strong dance technique in all our classes throughout each stage of growth and development. In addition to both of the Richland Dance Companies, our program produces two dance productions a year that offer opportunities for students to build their performance skills in front of an audience. This experience will certainly benefit students in growing and building their careers. Our goal is to instill not only a love for dancing in our students, but also a sense of pride in their achievements that can serve them throughout their lifetime.

The Richland Dance Program

Richland Dance Classes offer instruction in ballet for ages two through adult; instruction in jazz and tap for ages four through adult; instruction in tumbling for ages four through thirteen; instruction in hip hop for ages five through adult. Please refer to the course schedule for more information on class days and times.



Barb Mosier
217-875-7211, ext. 6170